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My Official DeviantART Account! Enjoy! I'll post new painting here from now on and fanfics!
My other account:
This is a fanpage of DC's comics, Also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm collecting stuff, grew up watching Justice League & Teen Titans, Writing Fanfics and edit videos.
Make sure you enjoy and leave request for videos! I'll gladly take them! (Also fanfics if you want to). Page will talk about Justice League, Young Justice and Teen Titans.
Will contain games photos (Sims, JL Games or Batman games an maybe IMVU) and more.
My second account:



Justice League Story - Its a bad, bad world (4ep) by JusticeTitanHolic
Justice League Story - Its a bad, bad world (4ep)
It's a bad, bad world (Justice League Story)
This is a story I'm uploading almost daily on my Instagram account. So far there are four Episodes.
Here I put them all together so It will look longer (on Insta theres a limit for words) so here it is.
I wrote numbers on the pictures so you will see how its going. Its just presenting the story,
But you have to read to understand.
Hawkgirl answered the phone while she was filling a mission file. "Yes? Who is it?" She asked, Don't really care.
"Hawkgirl, It's me, Eh...You...Listen you have no time there's something you have to get." The other Hawkgirl on
the phone said. Sheyra was surprised. "Wait, what? Is this a joke?" "It isn't a joke! You gotta find the Book of Artemis,
it's actually a diary. It will explain everything you need to know." She said. "Where am I supposed to find it?!" Hawkgirl asked.
"Batman know's-SHIT!They're coming!GO!NOW! Your'e running out of time!" "WAIT!" But it was already too late. The phone call
got hung up. Hawkgirl didn't miss a minute and ran over to her friends. "Everyone gather here right now!" She screamed.
Everyone jumped from their comfy sits and ran to her. She was out of breath and most of all she was afraid.
"And that's all." Everyone was looking at Hawkgirl. "What your'e saying is really worth cheaking it out," J'ohn said.
"And risks our lives? No thanks. It can either be Clayface pretending to be you or someone with a good tech that
can make himself sound like you, or a robot". Batman said, as he walked to the chair next to the League's center room computer.
"No, she didn't just sound like me. She was acting like me! And she also said something about you knowing where to find that book."
"Me? And how exactly am I supposed to know that, Hawkgirl?" Batman looked at her. Diana stood next to Sheyra. "It's still worth cheaking.

We can't risk that this fake Hawkgirl may cause trouble, Bruce." Diana said. "Still, It must be a trick. But your'e right; It is worth cheaking.
What did you say the name was again?" Batman asked, he was ready to type on the keyboard. "Book of Artemis, It's actually a diary."
Hawkgirl said. Suddenly she heared J'ohn sighed. They all turned around, finding him wandering Dizziy. "J'ohn!" Hawkgirl rushed to him.
She caught him right in time before he fell. "I'm sorry..." he said. "For what?" Diana asked. "I just felt a really strong pain. Lantern,
Superman and Flash are down." He said. Everyone was shocked. "WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR WATCH TOWER?!"
"WHO ARE YOU?! AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR WATCH TOWER?!" Everyone turned their heads to the entrance door. "NO! It can't be."
Diana said, but she didn't spend much time begin in shock and she immdeatly prepared herself to fight. The League found thenselves looking
at...Themselves. "Your Watch Tower?!" Batman shouted. "Yes, and you don't belong here!" Said the other Wonder Woman. "Manhunter, Wonder
Woman, get them!" The other Batman pointed at them. Hawkgirl prepared her mace. "Don't bother, your counterpart never managed to hit me."

The other WW said. "I'm not her! Haya!" Hawkgirl flew to her and was about to attack her, but Diana caught the mace, causing Sheyra to stop.
Sheyra was in shock. Diana moved her face away from the mace, looking through Sheyra's eyes. "Told ya." She said, and threw Hawkgirl with
her mace away. Diana smirked. "Huh, loser." She said. Batman was battleling the other J'ohn, while the other Batman examine Hawkgirl.
"Get away from her!" Batman shouted. But it didn't seem like he's about to hurt her. Batman pulled a matches, frightning J'ohn away. Diana
appeared next to him. "I gotta get J'ohn to safety," she said. "GO, I'll be in touch." He said. Diana nooded, and went to J'ohn, picked him
up and flew to the entrance. But someone stopped her. "Not so fast." It was the other Diana. "Get out of my face!" Diana punched her, then
flew out with J'ohn. Batman made his way to Hawkgirl, but got stop by his counterpart. "Your'e not going anywhere." The other Batman said.
"Maybe we can settle it down like an adults." Batman said. "No Thanks." The other Batman started fighting. Hawkgirl woke up slowly to find
a shadow above her. "Hello there, hot stuff."

Sheyra was surprised to see Flash above her. "Shy, Are you alright?" Flash asked. She looked at him while he helped her get up. Suddenly a green
wall has appeared between Flash and Sheyra. "Flash! Stand back! This is not our Hawkgirl!" It was Green Lantern, and next to him stod both Superman
and Martian Manhunter. Suddenly, Lantern used his wall to push Hawkgirl away. "NO!" Batman shouted. He stopped fighting the other Batman, took out
his grapple and made his way to Hawkgirl. He managed to caught her before she fell. "Thanks." She said. "What did you do this for? She didn't even
attacked me!" Flash yelled at his friends. Their Batman appeared infront of them. "Shut up Flash, she had her mace in her hand and she knew your'e not
her Flash. She was about to attack you in every second." The other Batman said. "What now?" Hawkgirl asked Batman. "We're getting out of here."
He answered. He threw a smoke bomb, helped Hawkgirl up and they ran to the J'avlin room, where their Space-Air-Plane is. They Didn't waste time
and jumped inside. After a few minutes Superman arrived, but it was too late. Batman and Hawkgirl left the Watch Tower.
Superman returned to his team, filled with anger.
"They're gone." Superman said. Batman turned to the computer. "I might be able to track them, but it will take awhile." He turned back to them.
"What we need right now is a plan." Batman said. "What can we do?" Diana asked. "They're our counterparts. They are just like us, each
one of us can stop his own." Batman explain. "But Superman, Flash and Green Lantern are already caught." Lantern said. "So it leaves me,
Diana, J'ohn and Hawkgirl." Batman said. "Where is the little brat anyway?" Diana asked. They all looked around. Batman walked closely to Diana.
"One, she must be trying already to get them all by herself. And Two, Don't call her names." He said, staring into Diana's eyes. Diana stared back
with anger. After a few moments she said: "You still love her, Don't you?" She smirked. Batman's angry face turned surprised. Then he was angry again,
and all he did was turning and leave the room, leaving the league there, with no words.
Justice League - Hawkgirl - Somebodys Hero by JusticeTitanHolic
Justice League - Hawkgirl - Somebodys Hero

I was listening to this song while thinking how can I mix the DC Superheroes Girls into my videos and then this came up :D so... ENJOY :D

Song is "Somebody's Hero" Belongs to Jamie O'Neal
Shows are
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited
DC Superheroes Girls
All Shows belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Comics
BBATB - Red Tornado and Tornado Tyrant - Hey Dad by JusticeTitanHolic
BBATB - Red Tornado and Tornado Tyrant - Hey Dad

Watched this episode and decided I have to make a video!!!
Hes so cute till he changes :( and Red Tornado was trying to hard...

Show is Batman Brave and the Bold Belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Comics
Song is Hey Dad I don't know by whom but credits goes to owner
Justice League - Hawkgirl and Batman  - Secret by JusticeTitanHolic
Justice League - Hawkgirl and Batman - Secret

New Video... Enjoy :)

Song is "Secret" Belongs to The Pierces
Show is "Justice League" & "Justice League Unlimited" Belongs to  Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Comics
My First Static Shock Video - The Mess I made by JusticeTitanHolic
My First Static Shock Video - The Mess I made

First Static Video!!! Its more about him and Batman, but still is Static Shock Show so... :) And I really love Static!!! This show is so funny and he and  Gear are badass... Well I'm talking too much... Enjoy!

Show is "Static Shock" Belongs to  Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Comics
Song is "The Mess I Made" Belongs to parachute

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